Society of Garden Designers

Design Process


Every client’s needs are different so each project begins with a consultation to understand your needs. Consultations usually last between 2 – 3 hours. During this session, I listen to your thoughts, ask questions, and take an impression of the site. I may also show you some visuals and propose some ideas to further articulate what you want. This will enable a brief to be produced to accurately reflect your requirements.

Site Survey and Analysis

Once a brief has been agreed, a detailed site survey needs to be undertaken. I can do this for you or arrange for a surveyor to do it if the site is exceptionally large or complex.

Landscaping Plan

The next step is for me to develop detailed ideas and produce a scaled landscaping plan with defined planting areas including main plants as well as surfaces and textures for hard landscaping. This plan will be supplied with a sketch or model to bring the new plan to life.

Turning the Plan into Reality

Further drawings on construction details as well as detailed planting plans can be produced as required. I am able to oversee all construction and planting. I can recommend high quality landscapers and craftspeople. I can source plants and any other elements as needed.

Follow-up Maintenance

It is recommended that clients take advantage of quarterly follow-up maintenance visits in the following 18 months. This ensures the garden develops satisfactorily at the critical early stages. A detailed maintenance schedule can be produced as required.